Deegan Inn of Court

Riverside, CA

Who is Leo A. Deegan?

Leo A. Deegan was born in Hemet, California and graduated from Loyola High School.  He graduated from Loyola University in 1936 and received his law degree in 1939.  He became licensed to practice law in California in January 1941 and spent five years in private practice with the Los Angeles firm of O'Melveny and Myers.

Mr. Deegan began practicing in Riverside in 1946 as a deputy in the District Attorney’s Office, before promoting to Assistant District Attorney.  In 1948, he was appointed by the Board of Supervisors as the first Public Defender for the County of Riverside.  In 1949, Mr. Deegan transferred to the County Counsel’s office, where he remained until 1951 to enter private practice.  In 1953, he returned to the District Attorney's Office as Assistant District Attorney.  Later that year, he returned to the County Counsel's Office as Chief Deputy, a position he held until 1958, when he became the 13th City Attorney for the City of Riverside. 

He was appointed to the bench by Governor Edmund Brown in 1959.  He served on the Superior Court until his retirement in 1975.  During the next 10 years, Judge Deegan was assigned to twenty different northern counties in California to serve as an assigned judge in various Superior Courts.  During 1988-1989, he served for 14 months on the Court of Appeal, Third Appellate District, in Sacramento.

What is the Inn?

The Leo A. Deegan Inn of Court is a professional organization comprised of attorneys and judicial officers, organized under the American Inns of Court. The organization focuses on improving the skills and professionalism of the bench and Bar.  The organization was founded in 1992 by Sharon Waters, the Honorable Robert J. Timlin, Stanley Orrock, James Heiting, and Terry Bridges.  Listen to the history of the Inn here:


Why Join the Inn?

The Inn offers the opportunity to network with members of the bench and bar, practicing in all areas of law in the Inland Empire.

The Inn provides training regarding ethics, civility, legal skills, professionalism, and various legal topics. The monthly meetings qualify for MCLE credits and include specialty credits such as legal ethics, competence, and recognition and elimination of bias.



Each team consists of a Judicial Master, Attorney Masters, Barristers, and Associates. As part of your Inn experience, you will collaborate with your team to teach a subject for your month's presentation.

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Honorable Leo A. Deegan

Honorable Leo A. Deegan

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The Leo A. Deegan Inn of Court thanks the City of Riverside for its thorough biography of Judge Deegan.  Additional information about Judge Deegan may be found here.