Deegan Inn of Court

Riverside, CA


1992-1993 Sharon Waters, Esq.*

1993-1994 Sharon Waters, Esq.*

1994-1995 Sharon Waters, Esq.*

1995-1996 David G. Moore, Esq.

1997-1997 Peter J. Mort, Esq.

1997-1998 Peter J. Mort, Esq.

1998-1999 Terry Bridges, Esq.

1999-2000 Terry Bridges, Esq.

2000-2001 Hon. Richard T. Fields, Riverside Superior Court

2001-2002 Hon. Richard T. Fields, Riverside Superior Court

2002-2003 Douglas Weathers. Esq.*

2003-2004 Hon. E. Michael Kaiser, Riverside Superior Court

2004-2005 Paul Grech Jr., Esq.

2005-2006 Michael Donner, Esq.*

2006-2007 Paul Grech Jr., Esq.

2007-2008 Hon. Bernard Schwartz, Riverside Superior Court

2008-2009 Hon. Stephen Larson, U.S. District Judge for the Central District of California

2009-2010 Jeffrey A. Van Wagenen Jr., Esq.

2010-2011 Hon. David Bristow, U.S. Magistrate Judge for the Central District of California

2011-2012 James “Jeb” Brown, Esq.

2012-2013 Robyn A. Lewis, Esq.

2013-2014 Hon. Jackson Lucky, Riverside Superior Court

2014-2015 John Michels, Esq.

2015-2016 Hon. Carol Codrington, Fourth District Court of Appeals, Division Two

2016-2017 Jeremy Hanson, Esq.

2017-2018 Hon. Jacqueline Jackson, Riverside Superior Court

2018-2019 L. Alexandra Fong, Esq.

2019-2020 Hon. Bambi Moyer (July 1 to July 7)

2019-2020 Sophia Choi, Esq. (as of July 8)

*Sharon Waters became a judge in 1998. Douglas Weathers became a judge in 2006. Michael Donner became a judge in 2008. All served as president of the Inn prior to assuming judicial office.*