Deegan Inn of Court

Riverside, CA

The following individuals are Emeritus members, identified in alphabetical order:

Terry D. Bridges (2008)

Hon. Carol Codrington, Associate Justice of the California Court of Appeal, Fourth District, Division Two (2017-2018)

Hon. Michael Donner (2007)

Hon. John Gabbert - deceased

Hon. Barton  Gaut

Steven Geeting

Steve Harmon

James "Jim" Heiting (2002)

Hon. Dallas Holmes

Hon. E. Michael Kaiser (2002) - deceased

David Moore

Peter Mort

Stanley Orrock (2018-2019)

Hon.  Virginia Phillips, Chief Judge of the Central District of California (2017-2018)

Hon. Robert J. Timlin, Senior Judge of the Central District of California (posthumously) (2018-2019)

Hon. Sharon Waters (2000)

Hon. Douglas Weathers - deceased

The year in parentheses is the program year in which they were awarded this honor.

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