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Riverside, CA

The Leo A. Deegan Best Team Presentation Award

The Leo A. Deegan Best Team Presentation Award is given to the team whose presentation ranks #1, as chosen by other Inn members.  This award was first presented for the winning presentation of the 2007-2008 program year.  This award is presented at the first Inn meeting of each program year, which is typically held in September.

The team name and members are etched onto a name plate which is attached to a trophy.

2007-2008:  Team Kaiser, named after the Honorable E. Michael Kaiser.  Team members:  Hon.  E. Michael Kaiser, Jeffrey Van Wagenen, Jr., Bernie Donahue, Audrey Owens, Neil Okazaki, Mona Farraj, Susan Brennecke, Fernando Kish

2008-2009:  Team Marshall, named after Jack Marshall of Thompson & Colegate, for its presentation on mediation. Team members: Hon. Oswald Parada, Randy Stamen, Neil Okazaki, Jeremy Hanson, Audrey Owens, Sharon Hodges, Chris Oliver and Tarek Shawky

2009-2010:  Team Marshall, named after Jack Marshall of Thompson & Colegate.  Team members:  Hon. Carol Codrington, Paul Grech, Randall Stamen, Jeffrey Van Wagenen, Jr., Stefanie  Field, Maura Rogers, Jonathan Lewis, Kyle Lauby, Jean Serrano

2010-2011:  Team Thurgood Marshall for their presentation on "Lawyer on the Rocks."  Team members:  Hon. Sherrill Ellsworth (Judicial Master), Ed Fernandez (Attorney Master), Paul Grech (Attorney Master), J Niswonger (Attorney Master), John Michels (Attorney Master), Yoginee Braslaw (Barrister), Nick Firetag (Barrister), Sophia Choi (Associate), Cang Le (Associate), and Kelly Matney (Law Student)

2011-2012: Team Anderson for their presentation on "Access to Justice."  Team members:  Jackson  "Jack" Lucky IV (Judicial Master), Jack Clarke Jr. (Attorney Master),  Jeremy Hanson (Attorney Master), Yoginee Braslaw (Barrister), Robert Ricks (Barrister), Sylvia Choi (Associate), Juan Dotson (Associate), Keith “Fredric” Willis (Associate), and John Fickes (Law Student)

2012-2013:  "The Leo A. Deegan Inn of Court Goes to the Movies" - Team Varner for its presentation on "A Civil Action."  Team members:  Hon. Carol Codrington (Judicial Master), Stefanie Field (Attorney Master), Chad Firetag (Attorney Master), David Werner (Attorney Master), Dorothy McLaughlin (Barrister),  Connie Younger (Barrister), Sylvia Choi (Associate), Sara Morgan (Associate), Kirsten Shea (Associate), and Alyson Bashor (Law Student)

2013-2014:  "Legal Activities" - The Local Bar - Team Cahraman.  Team members:  Hon. Thomas Cahraman (Judicial Master), Ed Fernandez (Attorney Master), Paul Grech (Attorney Master), Tera Harden (Attorney Master), John Porter (Attorney Master), Nicholas Firetag (Barrister), L. Alexandra Fong (Barrister), Chris Marin (Associate), Gareit Newstrom (Associate), and Chad Elwell (Chapman University School of Law Student)

2014-2015:  "Famous Trials In History" - The People vs. George Zimmerman - Team Counelis.  Team members:  Hon. Steve Counelis (Judicial Master), Marlene Allen-Hammarlund (Attorney Master), John Michels (Attorney Master), Robert Rancourt (Attorney Master), Gregory Rizio (Attorney Master), Melissa Cushman (Barrister), Chris Marin (Associate), Jenese Pritchard (Associate), Jennifer Gerard (Associate), and David DerSarkissian (Law Student)

2015-2016:  "Real vs. Reel" - The Simpsons - Team Lucky.  Team members: Hon. Jackson  "Jack" Lucky IV (Judicial Master), Abram Feuerstein (Attorney Master), Eric Keen (Attorney Master), Wendy Seto (Attorney Master), Melissa Cushman (Barrister), L. Alexandra Fong (Barrister), Kristine Borgia (Associate), Aaron Chandler (Associate), Trent Packer (Associate), and Carolina Duvanced (Law Student).

2016-2017:  "Ripped from the Headlines" - Musical Copyright Infringement - Team Codrington.  Team members:  Hon. Carol Codrington (Judicial Master), Abram Feuerstein (Attorney Master), Ted Stream (Attorney Master), Sophia Choi (Barrister), Melissa Cushman (Barrister), Jean-Simon Serrano (Barrister), Tara Hanson (Associate), Joshlyn Pulliam (Associate), and Melissa Wilner (Law Student).

2017-2018:  "The First Amendment and Community Service" - “Combating Human Trafficking:  The Human and Legal Dimensions of the Crisis.” - Team John Morton. Team members: hon. Sherri Pym (Judicial Master), Hon. Jennifer Gerard (Judicial Master), Marlene Allen (Attorney Master), Yoginee Braslaw (Attorney Master), Abram Feuerstein (Attorney Master), Nicholas Firetag (Attorney Master), L. Alexandra Fong (Attorney Master), Kelly Moran (Barrister), Dani Mouri (Barrister), and Rebecca McKee (Associate).


The fiscal year for the Deegan Inn of Court is July 1 to June 30.

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