Deegan Inn of Court

Riverside, CA

December 7, 2016 Meeting

Our December meeting featured a presentation from Team Asberry detailing the case of Bollea (Hulk Hogan) v. Gawker Media.  This case involved Gawker media releasing an explicit "sex tape" of Bollea and the wife of a friend.  Bollea's lawsuit was supported by Billionaire Peter Thiel.  Thiel had been the subject of earlier news from Gawker and he supported the suit because of his belief that Gawker ruins people's lives for no reason.  The suit ended up bankrupting Gawker.  The presentation highlighted several interesting issues in right of privacy, ethics, and sponsored litigation.  Team Asberry members included Judge Irma Asberry, Dorothy McLaughlin, John Michels, Wendi Seto, Dani Mouri, Trent Packer, Aaron Chandler, Kelly Moran, and Fredrick Whitley.