Deegan Inn of Court

Riverside, CA

October 24, 2018 Dinner Meeting and Announcements

On October 24, 2018, the first dinner meeting and MCLE presentation for the Leo A. Deegan Inn of Court was held. President L. Alexandra Fong welcomed Inn members to the meeting and discussed a few Inn matters as follows:

  • Congratulations to Irma Asberry for being named as the Justice Champion by the Fair Housing Council of Riverside County, Inc.

  • Congratulations to Commissioner Kenneth Fernandez and Attorney Eric Keen for being appointed as Judges of the Riverside Superior Court

  • Reminder to RSVP with your dinner selection and any guest speakers at least one week prior to the team presentation

  • Reminder that each team should provide the title and type of MCLE to the Inn President and Administrator at least one week prior to that team’s presentation for preparation of MCLE certificates and advertisement for the CLE

  • Guest speakers are welcome for any team presentation as long as the team covers the $35 per person for dinner

  • In March 2019, the Deegan Inn will host an Open House, where current members of the Inn may invite attorneys or judicial officers whom they believe would be interested in joining the Inn for the next program year. The cost for dinner is $35 per person

Immediately following these announcements, Team Henry Fielding began its presentation.