Deegan Inn of Court

Riverside, CA

Thompson & Colegate signs on as Bronze sponsor of the February 2018 Joint Inn Meeting

Thompson & Colegate, a Riverside-based law firm, has signed on as the final sponsor for the February 2018 joint meeting of the Inland Empire Inns of Court, hosted by the Leo A. Deegan Inn of Court (Riverside). Thompson & Colegate, a bronze sponsor, donated $100 to the Leo A. Deegan Inn of Court for this joint meeting.

The firm focuses on providing its clients with the best litigation services in the region. They have the experience and resources necessary to aggressively litigate matters in all forums. While doing so, the firm has garnered a reputation for fairness, professionalism and integrity with the judiciary and with our colleagues. Thompson & Colegate LLP handles a wide spectrum of litigation in all state and federal courts, including the Federal Bankruptcy Court. Our attorneys also actively participate in Alternative Dispute Resolution(ADR) processes in state, federal, and private contractual venues.

Additional information about the firm can be found at their website:


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